Vision test to find the white egg, can you complete this challenge within 7 seconds?

Vision test to find the white egg:  Get ready to show off your “hawk eyes” by attempting to beat this challenging challenge in record time. Will you be able to spot the white egg?

Today, we’ll give you the opportunity to review one of the most challenging visual challenges on major digital platforms. Can you set a new record in this challenge? If you feel prepared, you can demonstrate your skills by starting now.

At first glance, this exercise may seem simple to solve, but the truth is that only 2 out of 10 people could find the solution on the first try. This forces us to provide some tips, such as avoiding distractions, analyzing every detail of the image, and being patient.

Vision test to find the white egg


Where is the white egg in this challenge? In this image, you can see a large number of Easter eggs on the farm, but there is a completely white egg among them that you must locate right now. In case you don’t succeed, you can review the solved case with a brief description in the following lines.

You only have 7 seconds to try to locate the white egg hidden among the Easter eggs. Come on, you can start when you’re 100% focused, only then will you demonstrate that you are an intelligent person for these extreme activities.


Vision test to find the white egg-1
image source: Dudolf.com








If you are one of the people who have reached this part of the note, you may be part of the group of people who did not find the solution or simply want to confirm if it is the egg they chose in the image. Check out the solution and exercise description here.

Answered Vision test to find the white egg


Vision test to find the white egg-2


Answer: the white egg you were looking for is in the center of the image. Encircle the figure in a black circle so you can find it in the blink of an eye.


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