Can men smell the scent of a sexually aroused woman?

The smell of an irritated woman: Various studies have exposed how the smell of the human body can communicate emotions. So new research questions whether it’s possible to distinguish sexual arousal. Don’t miss the Galgoli relationship section.

A surprising study recently answered the question of whether men can smell a woman’s scent when she is sexually aroused. This theme that has now gone around the world took place at the University of Kent.

Over time, various investigations have emerged around sexuality. But beyond the scientific arguments, people have a little more conventional language to detect or demonstrate that they have a certain sexual attraction. The exchange of glances and body language are usually clear signs of motivation in these types of moments.

However, the results of the research from the University of Kent suggest that smell would be a new factor to take into account to confirm if a person has a sexual interest. Are you interested in learning about this matter? Keep reading!

Can men smell a sexual scent?

The smell of an irritated woman:

Dr. Arnaud Wisman is the author of this study. He is about a psychologist who focused on what we can detect in sexual terms through smell as if it were an instinct

This is based on the idea that people are able to identify, thanks to smell, if someone is sad or full of fear. And there are previous investigations that have shed light on the matter.

Now, Arnaud Wisman wondered on this occasion if the man would have a way to identify the scent of a sexually aroused woman. This was being able to distinguish it from that of a woman who was not excited.

To the surprise of many, this question received a positive response. In other words, there is indeed the possibility of differentiating between the two cases. The University of Kent found a new way in which people can interact in the realm of sexual attraction

Current studies suggest that men are sensitive to the olfactory signals of sexual arousal released by women.

~ Arnaud Wisman ~

How was this conclusion reached?

The smell of an irritated woman:

To conclude that men can smell sexual arousal in the female gender, 3 experiments were established. Different dynamics were used, testing the men with samples of the scent of sweat. This was extracted from the axillary region of women, maintaining their anonymity.

Also, it was tried that some of them were sexually arousedAt this stage, men reported that they found the scent of sweat from women who were aroused more attractive. This is in comparison with those who did not feel excited at the time of taking the sample.

In this sense, the men evaluated demonstrated their sexual motivation. Thus, it was concluded that the body is capable of sending chemical signals with its smell to cause a sexual response from another person.

This finding would support the idea that smell can be another tool to find sexual interest in another person. In addition, it serves to verify that sexual interest exists and is not the product of an illusion.

Arousal: a physical and emotional state

The smell of an irritated woman:

Let’s remember that when experiencing sexual arousal, there are physical and emotional factors that accompany this sensation. It would be a mistake to think that this arises for no apparent reason.

Once again, research shows that our bodies communicate in a myriad of ways. In this case, sweat may be a chemical signal to elicit a response from the other side.

It is important to keep in mind that the substances released by the body only function as one of many signals that we can send. Body language also serves as a communication channel for sexual motivation. Sounds, looks and touch have an irreplaceable role.

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