Signs of former love interest: These signs indicate that they haven’t forgotten about you

Signs of former love interest: We’ve all been there – the breakup was hard, but there’s still a glimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe, he hasn’t moved on yet.

Our hearts jump when we see a text from his name pop up, and we analyze every interaction for clues that he might want to rekindle the flame.

It’s so easy to see signs that aren’t really there when we want something to be true. But how can we know if an ex is really still holding a torch for us? Here are some signs that he just might not have forgotten you yet.

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Signs of former love interest:

He still messages you

Signs of former love interest: One of the biggest giveaways is if he stays in regular contact after the breakup. Sure, a text here and there to tie up loose ends makes sense. But if he’s still texting you memes, inside jokes, or just to chitchat weeks or months later, it means you’re still on his mind.

He might say he just wants to be friends, but guys usually don’t put effort into maintaining friendship with exes unless they harbor romantic feelings. The occasional text turning into long text conversations and phone calls is a sign that he still wants emotional intimacy with you.

He follows you on social media

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Signs of former love interest: Similarly, if he likes and comments on a lot of your social media posts, especially with things like heart emojis, it means you’re on his radar. Seeing your pictures and updates feeds his lingering attachment. And him wanting you to know he’s paying attention is a subtle hint that he’s not done with you yet.

He finds excuses to see you

Signs of former love interest: You may also notice him finding excuses to see you, even if just for a quick coffee or drink. He suggests meeting up to exchange old stuff, or invites you to a group event where he’ll be. It’s his way of keeping you in his life and face-to-face time in hopes of rekindling something. Even if you don’t talk deeply, the fact that he tries to be around you shows his heart isn’t closed yet.

He may also open up to you about his dating life, especially if it’s not going well. By confiding that he hasn’t found someone new yet or complaining about how hard dating is, he’s letting you know you’re still number one in his heart. It’s his attempt to keep emotional intimacy, and implicitly shows he compares new women to you.

Signs of former love interest: You know he’s still holding out hope if he gets jealous about you moving on. If he makes snarky remarks about your new dates or flings, presses you for details, or admits he hates imagining you with someone else, it’s because he’s not over you. He wants to still feel like your #1 man. The jealousy stems from possessiveness and wishing you were still his girl.

He may also drunkenly reach out with suggestive messages, asking to hook up or saying he misses you, especially late at night. The liquor loosens his tongue to say how he really feels – that he wants you physically and emotionally. The drunk mind speaks the sober heart.

Of course, timing is important

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Signs of former love interest: Of course, timing matters too. If it’s only been a few weeks, he may just be going through normal breakup emotions. But after several months, if he’s trying to stay firmly part of your life, it means he still has feelings.

The hardest sign to accept may be if he directly says he made a mistake or wants to get back together. It can be tough to take him seriously if he broke your heart once already. But if enough time has passed for reflection, this candid admission really is the strongest sign that part of him never let you go.

At the end of the day, our hearts want to read even the faintest glimmer as a sign we’re unforgettable. But actions speak louder than words. It’s one thing for an ex to drunkenly proclaim his love or drop the occasional text. It’s another for him to consistently make effort and display tangible behaviors showing you remain a priority in his life and mind. If he stays in touch, wants to meet up, clearly still feels possessive, and makes attempts to include you in his world, the writing is on the wall. As much as he may try to fight it, this guy is still stuck on you.

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