Strange and Shocking: Why Does Housework Lead to Decreased Libido in Women?!

Decreased Libido in Women: The notion that housework can impact one’s sex drive in middle age might seem absurd, but it is a concept that has been gaining traction in recent years.

According to a study conducted by the University of Alberta in Canada, individuals who spent more time doing housework reported a lower sex drive than those who didn’t. While this may seem like a strange correlation, there are several reasons why housework could potentially impact one’s sex drive.

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Doing housework is physically demanding

Decreased Libido in Women: First and foremost, doing housework is often a physically demanding task. From vacuuming to scrubbing the bathroom, these activities can be quite strenuous, and can leave individuals physically exhausted.

When someone is physically tired, they are less likely to feel up for sex, and may even experience a decrease in their libido. This can be particularly problematic for individuals in middle age, as their bodies may not be able to handle the same amount of physical exertion as they could in their younger years.

Emotional exhaustion

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Decreased Libido in Women: In addition to physical exhaustion, doing housework can also lead to emotional exhaustion. For many individuals, housework is a never-ending task that can feel overwhelming and frustrating. When someone is constantly doing chores and never seems to get a break, it can be difficult for them to feel relaxed and ready for sex.

This emotional exhaustion can also lead to feelings of resentment towards their partner, particularly if they feel like they are doing more than their fair share of the housework.

Gendered division of labor is harmful

Decreased Libido in Women: Another factor that could impact one’s sex drive is the way that housework is divided between partners. In many households, women are expected to take on the bulk of the housework, while men are often exempt from these chores.

This gendered division of labor can be particularly harmful to women, as they may feel like they are constantly working and never have time for themselves. This can lead to feelings of frustration and resentment, which can impact their overall mood and sex drive.

Of course, it’s important to note that not everyone will experience a decline in their sex drive due to housework. There are many factors that can impact one’s libido, including age, hormonal changes, and stress levels.

However, for individuals who are already experiencing a decrease in their sex drive, reducing the amount of housework they do could be a helpful solution.

Ways to reduce exhaustion

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Decreased Libido in Women: So, what can be done to prevent a decline in sex drive in middle age? One possible solution is to hire a cleaning service or delegate some of the household chores to other family members.

By reducing the amount of housework that needs to be done, individuals can free up more time and energy to focus on their own needs. This can include engaging in physical activities like exercise or yoga, which can help boost mood and increase energy levels.

Another solution is to address the underlying issues that may be contributing to a decrease in sex drive. This could include having an open and honest conversation with one’s partner about their division of labor, or seeking therapy to work through emotional exhaustion and resentment.

By addressing these issues head-on, individuals can create a more balanced and fulfilling life for themselves, which can ultimately lead to an increase in their sex drive.

In conclusion, while the idea that housework can impact one’s sex drive may seem far-fetched, there is evidence to suggest that it can be a contributing factor.

From physical exhaustion to emotional exhaustion and gendered division of labor, there are many ways in which housework can impact one’s overall mood and libido.

However, by taking steps to reduce the amount of housework that needs to be done and addressing underlying issues, individuals can create a more fulfilling and balanced life for themselves, which can ultimately lead to a healthier sex drive in middle age.

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