Say Goodbye to Headaches: 4 Sex Positions to Alleviate Pain and Boost Intimacy

4 Sex Positions to Alleviate Pain: We all know the typical scenario – a guy wants to get intimate, but a woman isn’t feeling up for it. She simply says, “Sorry honey, I have a headache.”

However, that has never been the case for me. If anything, I tend to initiate the action, and my partner would ask if I’m feeling unwell. When it comes to intimacy, I become insatiable that my partner calls me “Cookie Monster.”

4 Sex Positions to Alleviate Pain 2

A minor stress headache shouldn’t prevent you from indulging in some intimacy since there are multiple sex positions to explore. People chose from different sex positions to overcome any obstacle that comes their way, ensuring they fulfill their needs.

4 Sex Positions to Alleviate Pain

If you’re experiencing a headache, consider trying one of these four sex positions to help alleviate your pain.

  1. Choose any sex position – any position works because, during sex, your body experiences an increase in hormone production, including dopamine, which relieves pain. That’s why sex is more effective in curing hangovers than any other method. Just be gentle, and your headache will disappear almost immediately.
  2. Mutual masturbation – if you’re in too much pain, and any movement seems unbearable, you and your partner can help each other out manually. It’s a great way to achieve intimacy, relieves pain, and requires less physical effort.
  3. Spooning sex position – if your partner is headache-free, you can try this position. Simply lie on your side, open your legs, and allow him to work his magic. You can pleasure yourself while he takes it slow and gently, making you feel better and last longer.
  4. Bedspread sex position – this position adds some spice to your sex life. Lie on your stomach with the lower half of your legs off the bed while he uses your legs to guide himself inside. It provides deep penetration and enables you to experience a G-spot orgasm minus the rolling over.

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