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10 interesting Korean dating customs you didn’t know about

Korean dating: Dating customs in Korea are both unique and intriguing. Understanding these customs can help you navigate the dating scene in Korea and also provide insight into the country’s culture. In this article, we will explore ten interesting Korean dating customs that you might find fascinating. Stay tuned for this section of Relationships on the¬†Galgoli¬†website.

  • Korean dating: Age Matters

In Korea, age is an important factor in relationships. The older person is typically seen as the more responsible and experienced partner. It is also common for Koreans to ask about each other’s age early on in the relationship. This can sometimes be a sensitive topic, but it is an important one that cannot be ignored.

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  • Korean dating: Matchmaking

In Korea, matchmaking is still a popular way to find a partner. This is especially true for those who are looking for a serious relationship. Matchmaking services are often used to introduce potential partners to each other. In some cases, families will even get involved in the matchmaking process.

  • Korean dating: Couple Outfits

One unique aspect of Korean dating culture is the trend of wearing couple outfits. Couples will often wear matching clothing, such as matching shirts or shoes, to show off their relationship. This trend is especially popular among younger couples and is often seen as a way to express their love for each other.

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  • Korean dating: Celebrating Relationships

Koreans celebrate their relationships in many ways. One popular way is through the celebration of anniversaries. Couples will often celebrate their 100th, 200th, and 300th day anniversaries, as well as their one-year anniversary. These celebrations are seen as important milestones in the relationship.

  • Korean dating: Public Displays of Affection

Public displays of affection (PDA) are not as common in Korea as they are in some other countries. Holding hands and hugging in public are generally accepted, but kissing and more intimate displays of affection are not. This is especially true in more conservative areas of the country.

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  • Korean dating: Gender Roles

Gender roles are still an important part of Korean dating culture. Men are often expected to pay for dates and take the lead in the relationship. Women are expected to be more passive and accept the man’s advances. However, these gender roles are changing as more and more Koreans embrace a more modern and equal view of relationships.

  • Korean dating: Gift Giving

Gift giving is an important part of Korean dating culture. Couples will often exchange gifts on special occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries. It is also common for men to give gifts to their partner’s family as a way of showing respect and appreciation.

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  • Korean dating: Meeting the Family

Meeting the family is a big deal in Korea. It is often seen as a sign that the relationship is serious and has a potential future. It is also common for families to get involved in the relationship, offering advice and guidance along the way.

  • Korean dating: The 100-Day Mark

The 100-day mark is an important milestone in Korean dating culture. It is seen as a sign that the relationship is serious and has potential for a long-term future. Couples will often celebrate this milestone by exchanging gifts and spending time together.


Korean dating culture is unique and fascinating. It is built on a foundation of tradition and respect, while also embracing modern views of relationships. By understanding these customs, you can gain a better understanding of Korean culture and also navigate the dating scene with ease.

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