Easy techniques for giving a phone number to a guy: How to give a guy your phone number?

giving a phone number to a guy: Sometimes it’s challenging to approach and talk to a guy you like. You may see him every day at your college, on the bus, or at work. Still, you can feel nervous when you want to talk to him.

Depending on your situation, you may not know him very well. So, how can you get his attention and know him better? The first thing to keep in mind is being confident enough to make eye contact and smile.

When you do this, you have a better chance of getting his attention. Then you can creatively give him your number to talk and maybe even enjoy each other’s company. It’s all up to you once he responds positively. Now, the question is how to give a guy your number.

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Easy techniques for giving a phone number to a guy:

Be Creative and Confident

giving a phone number to a guy: Creativity and confidence are the main ingredients for succeeding in giving a guy your number. There are some smart, cute, and fun ways to give him your number so he gets interested before even calling you.

Be straightforward

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giving a phone number to a guy: Nothing can beat the impact of being confident and straightforward when interested in a guy. You don’t have to tell him you like him. But you can simply save your number in his phone or hand over a note with your number. Do it casually, like you give your number to other people. If you’re bold, greet him and chat about simple things. Tell him where you’ve seen him and move the conversation forward. You can say you two could be good friends or you’d like to know him better and give him your number. That’s it! No tricks!

Ask for help

giving a phone number to a guy: If you’re a bit shy with a classmate or colleague, ask for help with an assignment or work. It’s a simple way to exchange your number without being awkward. You can talk over the phone, text, or meet at home. Then practice weak subjects, work on an assignment, or discuss a report you have to prepare. This simple helping out can bring you closer and help understand him.

Leave a note

giving a phone number to a guy: If you can’t get his attention and talk to him, leave a note with your name and number where he’ll find it. If you’re bold, slip it in his pocket with a flirty smile. He won’t ignore it.

Pretend you lost your phone

giving a phone number to a guy: If you can’t be direct, pretend you lost your phone. Tell him to call it because you can’t find it. It may or may not work depending on his interest in you.

Say your phone’s not working

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giving a phone number to a guy: Like losing your phone, you can tell him there’s something wrong with your phone. Ask him to call your number to see if it’s working. It’s a clever way to find out if he’s into you. If he calls again to check if your phone works, he likes you. Otherwise, he’s not interested, and you should move on.

Invite him to an event

giving a phone number to a guy: Invite him to a sports event, party or group trip. Get closer to him and exchange numbers. Hang out and see if you two get along.

Use social media

giving a phone number to a guy: If nothing works, add him on social media. Tell him you sent a request or message. If he responds positively, chat and become friends. Then send your number while chatting.

Bet on a game

giving a phone number to a guy: Say whoever loses buys the winner dinner. It’s a clever way to set a date. Of course, you’ll exchange numbers to see who won and lost. But know his interests first and if he’s interested in you. Whatever happens, you’ll have a date with the guy you like.

Let Him Reach Out

Sometimes it’s not easy to approach a guy and give your number. Smart, cute tricks will help get a conversation and spend time with him. See if he’s interested based on his response. Give him your number and wait. Don’t follow up. If he calls, he might like you. Take it slow and see where it leads. Just be cautious of playboys to avoid heartbreak.

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