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The way affluent women dressed in the 17th century that took hours to complete! + Video

The way affluent women dressed in 1665 Delft followed a meticulous process. The clothing consisted of a linen or silk chemise, often adorned with lace cuffs, and petticoats supported by a waist-tied hip pad.

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During the “Little Ice Age,” the layers were doubled up for warmth. The elaborate silk gowns, which comprised separate parts like petticoats, bodice, and sleeves, were a symbol of wealth. Accessories such as garters, square-toed shoes with leather-covered timber heels, bodices stiffened with whalebone, and separate stomachers completed the look.

Indoor jackets made of silk or velvet, lined with fur, provided warmth and elegance. The Dutch Republic’s prosperity was evident in opulent homes and fashionable attire, celebrated through art.

In 1665, Johannes Vermeer’s portrait of the Girl with the Pearl Earring captured the spirit of the time. The clothing of 1665 Delft showcased a blend of luxury, artistry, and adaptation to the harsh climate, and The way affluent women dressed was a testament to this.


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