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The best eyebrow shape according to the face

The best eyebrow shape according to the face: An eyebrow shape guide that will help you to choose the best-suited eyebrow to shape according to your face type. Makeup and beauty today are very practical.

Have you ever thought about the possible reason for placing a line of tini-tiny hair right above your eyes? Have you ever imagined how you would have looked without them? Well if not then we wouldn’t recommend you to do so. Where we all are aware of the importance of taming those brows and getting them into shape, along with the change it brings to your overall look. Where taming and shaping those brows can elevate your look and make you go glam in minutes, it is important to know that not every eyebrow shape is meant for you. Although experimenting with your look is a great thing, it is important to keep yourself away from embarrassing situations caused due to your look. As always we have got you covered and got you an eyebrow shape guide that will help you to choose the best suited eyebrow shape according to your face type. Stay with the health and beauty section of Galgoli.

1. Round Face

The best eyebrow shape according to the face: Slightly curved towards the outside, with wide cheekbones and a rounded chin, people with a round or circular face surely need to create an illusion of pointiness to make their face look less circular. Where round-arched or flat brows will only give your face an appearance of a more circular shape, the best idea is to go for slightly pointed brows. Lifting those brows and spicing them up with an angle instead of the arch will give your face a more oval look instead of a round one and it will appear to be lengthened. Eyebrows with a lengthened tail and soft lifted arch will not only help to give an illusion of a longer face but will also make your jawline look slimmer.

One thing that people with a round face shape need to look at is that the arch should be nearer to the center of the brows and should be lengthened. Another thing that needs to be kept in mind while going for your next eyebrow session is that your eyebrows should be in a lifted arch and not in angular shape as these sharp-edged eyebrows would not compliment the curves of your face.

2. Square Face

The best eyebrow shape according to the face: A wide and angular jawline, that comes out to be one of the most powerful features for people with this face type. This strong jawline is something that we need to concentrate on and your eyebrows provide a path to balance out this powerful feature. The main purpose of choosing an eyebrow shape for this face type is to balance out this wide angular jawline. The best eyebrow shape for this face type is to get a lengthened tail with a soft lifted arch. It is important to keep the contours of the brows angular which means straight lines and an angular front with arches placed near the center of the brows.

Doing so will help to draw attention toward the center of the face and will make it look narrower and longer. Round brows are a big no for this face shape as they are a typical mismatch that would not suit the angles of your face. The same goes with the flat brows as they make this facial shape appear even shorter and more squarer. In order to provide balance to your brows what you can opt for is a curved element of arch shape under the brows.

3. Oval Face

The best eyebrow shape according to the face: An ideal face shape on which almost any eyebrow shape would look gorgeous. Although an oval shape is said to be the ideal face shape, there are still some rules that need to be taken into consideration while shaping brows for this facial shape. One important thing that a person with this facial shape needs to keep in mind is that the brows should not be the oval shape and hence shouldn’t be lifted from the center. The contour of the brows for this facial shape needs to be soft, round, and arched in order to avoid a very sharp and angular appearance.

4. Heart Face

The best eyebrow shape according to the face: People with a heart-shaped face tend to have a narrower jaw towards the chin and a broad forehead and this forehead is something that needs our attention so that attention can be drawn away from it. Confused? Let us make it a little simple for you. As people with a heart-shaped face have a broad forehead the objective is to make the forehead look a bit narrower and the chin less pointy. To do so the perfect eyebrow shape would be short in length and with a soft-slight curve. As they are kept closer together they draw attention towards the center of the face and help in attaining those balance proportions.

For this face shape, it is important to keep the brows closer to each other with short length and the search in the center so that the attention could be drawn to the middle of the face instead of that broad forehead.

5. Long Face

The best eyebrow shape according to the face: A slim and narrow facial shape that appears to be more like a vertical rectangle. The facial length is the largest measurement for people with this face shape. Curved brows with a shallow arch and long tails is what people with this facial shape should opt for. This eyebrow shape helps in making the face look a bit shorter and a lot wider than it actually is.

Browse for this facial shape should be kept wide apart, and have a soft curve and the high point should be kept far away from the center in order to complement the features and make the face look a bit shorter. An added length can help to make the temple of the forehead a bit wider when accompanied by soft low brows.

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