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Men’s favorite makeup: Which type of makeup is attractive to men?

Men’s favorite makeup: Most women think that men like thick and dark makeup, but according to studies, this notion is wrong. Beauty and attractiveness are other things for men.

In this beauty and health article, Galgoli will tell you that many of the beauty standards and standards that women have in their minds about being attractive to men are wrong.

These days, make-up has become much more popular among women than before, and gradually we see a thicker style of it on the faces. Applying makeup sometimes has a negative effect on beauty, so it’s better to do heavy makeup for friends or special occasions.

That is, where men are not present, because men usually like the natural look more, so instead of using heavy makeup products, try to be natural.

What is men’s favorite makeup?

Studies show that men always prefer women who wear less makeup. The makeup that every man likes to see on his wife’s face is completely soft makeup that makes the skin look smoother and the lips fresher.

That is why Korean natural makeup is finding its fans in teenagers and young people day by day.

men’s Favorite Makeup

men's favorite makeup: Natural face without makeup


Men consider relatively full lips, happy and kind eyes, and smooth and smooth skin to be the criteria of beauty.

Men’s Favorite Makeup: Men prefer women with little or no makeup, so eliminate excess makeup products from your life as much as you can.

You always look good without makeup, your wife always looks for beauty and good looks in you and they are never attracted to thick makeup.

Fitness is a favorite of men

Men’s favorite makeup:

men's favorite makeup: Fitness is a favorite of men

Men’s Favorite Makeup: Women can improve their appearance through makeup, but beauty is not just about the face, sometimes men find your physical appearance beautiful. Take care of yourself and exercise and don’t follow what kind of body men like. Prosthetic limbs are just a fad that endangers your health and is not attractive to men at all. Men admire a natural body more.

Many women have wrong ideas about attractiveness and think that to be attractive you have to do heavy operations. Also, due to the spread of advertisements, this view has emerged that thin or slightly overweight women are not desirable, while this is not the case, and what makes women beautiful is their health; It doesn’t matter if you are thin or a little fuller; What is important is your health, which makes you have a fresh body and a fresh face.

Now, we will introduce you to the reasons why men like women without makeup more.

men’s Favorite Makeup

Take care of your natural beauty

Men’s favorite make-up: No one in this world is perfect, that’s why women try to complete the beauty of their appearance by applying make-up, improving it, and increasing their self-confidence.

There are many men who always prefer a woman without makeup as a wife and are strongly against heavy makeup.

Instead, they like their spouse to take care of their youth and natural beauty.

Natural appearance

men's favorite makeup: Natural appearance

Men’s favorite make-up: 70% of men in a survey said that the natural look of women without make-up is more attractive than with make-up. All men want to see their wife’s natural faces and healthy skin.

Some girls on social networks attract a lot of attention with more makeup, especially in the eye area, but in general, a girl with a natural style and appearance always look more attractive.

Of course, these days there are various filters in applications such as Instagram and Snapchat that aim to improve your natural appearance with various tricks. But you ladies should not be captured by them because over time the negative psychological effects will come to you.

So always be proud of your natural appearance. Of course, you can use makeup as usual, but you should not depend on it and overdo it.

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