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Easy nose contouring tutorial: How to create a nicely shaped nose with makeup?

Easy nose contouring tutorial: Nose contouring is a makeup technique that uses cosmetic products like contour powders, highlights, and blushes to enhance and sculpt the shape of your nose.

The goal is to create the illusion of a slimmer nose bridge, a smaller nose tip, and an overall balanced facial profile. With the right products and techniques, nose contouring can be a powerful tool to transform your nose aesthetically without invasive procedures.

Nose contouring is one of the most popular makeup techniques among women. It’s your nose that stands out in photos, so if you want to look good in front of the camera lens, you need to contour your nose. We will teach you this method. Stay tuned for this section of health and beauty on the Galgoli website.

Your contour color is important

Easy nose contouring tutorial: To start, it’s important to choose the right contouring products. Cool-toned matte bronzers or taupe powders work best to mimic natural shadows and create depth.

Opt for creams or powders that are 2-3 shades darker than your natural skin tone. Using a dense angled contour brush, apply the contour powder starting from the inner corner of the brows and blend downwards in a straight line on both sides of the nose bridge. Don’t bring the contour shade down too far onto the tip of the nose. Blend well so there are no harsh edges.

Shiny highlighters or bright blushes at the tip of the nose are prohibited

Easy nose contouring tutorial: For the nose tip, use the same contour shade in a rounded motion on the sides of the nostrils to make them appear smaller. You can also run the contour lightly down the center ridge of the nose in a thin line to make the nose look straighter. Remember to blend very well so it looks natural. Avoid putting any shimmery highlighters or bright blushes on the tip or down the center of the nose as that will draw attention.

To further refine the shape, take a matte highlight shade like a banana powder that is 2 shades lighter than your foundation. Apply it down the center of the nose bridge, avoiding the tip. You can also add a subtle inverted triangle highlight right above the center of the cupid’s bow on the upper lip to make the nose look lifted. Blend the edges into the contour seamlessly.

Set the contour and highlight by applying a light translucent powder all over the nose. This will ensure it stays put all day. Avoid using shimmer highlighters anywhere on the nose contour as shimmer tends to emphasize texture and make the nose appear wider.

For the final step, use a cool-toned brown eyebrow pencil and lightly sketch the contour shade onto the sides of the nostrils to sharpen the edges. This will amplify the sculpted look. Also run the pencil lightly on the outer corners of the eyes near the lash lines to subtly lift them up for an even tighter nose contour effect.

Avoid thick and oily creams or oils

Easy nose contouring tutorial: Perfecting your nose contour takes some practice and experimenting with product shades and placements. Make sure to use natural lighting to assess how the contour looks.

Go for a balanced, slimmed-down version of your real nose shape rather than overdoing the contour. Set your makeup well so the contours look seamless and natural all day. Avoid thick, greasy creams or oils near the contoured areas as they can cause the sculpting effect to break down faster.

A good nose contour opens up your entire face, brings better balance to your features and helps enhance your natural beauty.

When done right, it should look like a subtle shadow effect rather than heavy blocked stripes down the bridge. With the right techniques and well-blended application, nose contouring can transform your nose aesthetically and give you the slim sculpted profile you desire!


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