Controversy Erupts as Miss Universe Zimbabwe Crown Goes to Non-Black Contestant


Zimbabwe Crown Goes to Non-Black Contestant


Zimbabwe Crown Goes to Non-Black Contestant: The young woman will represent the southern African country on the global stage during the upcoming Miss Universe pageant in El Salvador this November.

The Miss Universe Zimbabwe competition took place last Saturday, and a young woman named Brooke Bruk-Jackson won the coveted crown. However, her victory sparked considerable outrage for not being dark-skinned.

Zimbabwe Crown Goes to Non-Black Contestant
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“I want to be an example of grace, understanding, and inspiration for the youth of Zimbabwe, to instill the spirit of ‘ubuntu’ and to know that together we are strong and that anything is possible in life,” said the young woman after being crowned.

According to public opinion in the country, the 21-year-old Zimbabwean model’s victory was not well-received because she is not a black woman representing the African nation.

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Critics argue that she won the competition because she is white and that a black contestant should have been chosen to represent the country, where the majority of the population is black.

“All these beautiful women, and you tell me that a European woman won a contest for blacks!!??”, “If you understand the world, you’ll understand how the system works! That’s not MY CHOICE, that’s not MY MISS ZIMBABWE.
Leave me alone with that stupid shit. IDGAF,” “I do not support this at all, and I’m not here to argue with anyone if black people should learn to love and respect themselves and stop sending a white girl to represent Zimbabwe,” “We are not white, it’s not enough to see them white coming from their continent.

Have you ever seen Germany, India, Thailand, or China sending black girls to represent them? Stop being foolish…” were some of the comments on the contest’s social media.

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Controversy! They do not accept Miss Zimbabwe because she is a white woman


Others defended Bruk-Jackson’s victory, citing her exceptional ability to answer questions and her modeling skills as reasons for her win.

Brooke Bruk-Jackson is a native of Harare, Zimbabwe. She is the daughter of Tracey Evans Bruk-Jackson and currently works as a beauty therapist and part-time model. She studied at Chispite Senior School in Harare after completing her primary education. She later


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