Your life mission personality test: Choose a Plant and Discover Your Mission on Earth!

Your life mission personality test: Personality tests are highly sought after by Internet users, as they allow you to discover positive or negative psychological traits. Are you up for taking one?

In addition, we will reveal your current mission so that you can work on it and become a better person. Ready to start the viral test? We promise it will only take a few seconds.

Your life mission personality test

Choose any plant and it will reveal hidden details about your age.
The moment has arrived! All you need to do is look at the following illustration and choose one of the six plants. Keep in mind that since this is a visual test, the results will be general. With that said, are you ready to begin?

Your life mission personality test
image source: freepik

Do you have your choice? If not, don’t worry. These types of evaluations do not have a specific time limit, so you can take as long as you’d like. We’ll leave the results for you when you’re ready!




Result of Your life mission personality test


Plant 1 means you’re on your first life. Your energy is new and everyone can see it. You’re super vivacious, see everything positively, and don’t get caught up in gossip. Your mission is to stop being so egocentric.

Plant 2 means you’re on your fifth life. You have a patient and tender personality that takes its time when making decisions and focuses its energy on boosting your confidence. Your mission is to stop focusing on appearances.

Plant 3 means you’re on your third life. You’re a very sociable, communicative, and studious person. You can have a close relationship with your siblings and community. Your mission is to avoid falling into vices.

Plant 4 means you’re on your sixth life. You represent a rigid person who respects the law, is structured, and finds pride and tranquility in adhering to social norms. Your mission is to become more empathetic.

Plant 5 means you’re on your second life. You’re a lover of fun, seeking freedom, and taking risks, but at the same time, very responsible when it comes to mundane activities. Your mission is to connect with your spirituality.

Plant 6 means you’re on your fourth life. You’re someone with a greater emphasis on materialism, power, and success. There is an innate desire to dominate the world. Your mission is to learn to be content with yourself.


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