A woman lost her job after posting a clip of a xenophobic rumor on a train

xenophobic rumor on a train: A woman has jeopardized her boyfriend’s job and, at least temporarily, his respect due to her behavior during an incident on a New York train.

The woman, identified as 30-year-old Briana Pinnix from New Jersey, faced widespread criticism on social media after a video capturing her xenophobic actions towards a group of tourists was released.

In the video, which was posted on Reddit on Wednesday, an apparently intoxicated Pinnix can be heard asking the strangers if they are “German or something” and demanding to know what they said.

Her partner repeatedly tries to calm her down, urging her not to escalate the situation and warning her about potential consequences, saying, “Go on, don’t do that, don’t do that, you’re going to get arrested.”

As she leans aggressively towards one of the men, her partner attempts to intervene, but eventually lets go, stating, “I can handle my own confrontations.”

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“Stop it, or I’ll never talk to you again,” he pleads with his girlfriend, attempting to reason with her.

However, Pinnix disregards his pleas and insists that the unidentified man said something disrespectful about her, while her boyfriend maintains that it was merely a personal conversation.

The tension escalates, and the onlookers express their growing irritation with the situation. A man off-camera comments, “Women in 2023 – we’re letting them think they’re men.”

Eventually, Pinnix’s boyfriend manages to guide her back to her seat, but not before he shouts, “King of the Immigrants.”

His partner points out, “You know I’m an immigrant too, right?”

“Yeah, but I’m in charge of you, so it’s okay,” she replies with a dismissive laugh.

However, Pinnix’s behavior towards the tourists continues.

Encouraging one of his companions to physically confront the individual who angered him, he attempts to approach the group once again.

Unhinged Karen in training goes off on unsuspecting German tourists in xenophobic NYC train rant.
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Her boyfriend tries to restrain her, but unfortunately, he cannot prevent her from shouting, “How can you let this murderer stay in our country?”

Unsurprisingly, Pinnix faced repercussions for her appalling actions, and it soon became evident that she had been fired from her job at a prominent pharmaceutical company.

A spokesperson for Capital Rx, where Pinnix worked as a talent acquisition specialist, stated, “Our company has a zero-tolerance policy for prejudicial or discriminatory behavior. After investigating the situation, we promptly took action and terminated the employee involved.”

The spokesperson added, “The former employee’s actions and words do not represent Capital Rx, and we sincerely apologize to those who were affected.”

Furthermore, Pinnix’s online presence, including her LinkedIn profile, has been deleted since the video went viral.

The internet now awaits her response, with some expressing cynicism and speculating about the possibility of an unapologetic video titled “That’s Not Me.”

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