The title of “World’s Oldest Dog” has been put on hold as conspiracy theories swirl

World’s oldest dog title removed: Amid claims that the current holder of the world’s oldest dog title is not as old as its owners claim, Guinness World Records has temporarily suspended its “World’s Oldest Dog” title.

When the purebred Rafiro de Alentejo, named Bobby, died, an entry on the Guinness World Records website explained that he had lived 31 years and 165 days. This shocking age made many internet detectives raise their eyebrows.

On the Dogs subreddit, some users questioned whether a dog could live that long, citing the previous title holder who lived 23 years and 7 days. Others claimed to have found earlier photos of Bobby showing a different dog with white paws.
And it wasn’t just online researchers who had questions, vets raised their eyebrows as well. Danny Chambers of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons told the Guardian that none of his colleagues believed the dog was that old.

World's oldest dog title removed
World’s oldest dog’ has title suspended as conspiracy theories swirlYouTube / Inside Edition

“This equates to a human lifespan of over 200 years, which is completely unacceptable given our current medical capabilities,” Chambers added. “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and no concrete evidence has been provided to prove his age.”

Wired looked into this further. According to Guinness World Records, Bobby’s age has been confirmed by the Portuguese SIAC pet registration program. However, when Wired contacted SIAC, they responded: “At the time, the animal’s owner stated that it was born in 1992, but we have no records or information that can confirm or deny this statement. ”

World's oldest dog title removed-bobi-oldest-dog
Bobi poses for a photo with his owner Leonel Costa and his Guinness World Record certificates for the oldest dog in May 2023-Jorge Jeronimo/AP

Guinness World Records, already aware of questions about Bobby’s age, have launched an investigation and temporarily stripped him of Bobby’s title while the investigation takes place.

A Guardian spokesman said: “While our investigation is ongoing, we have decided to temporarily suspend both records for the oldest living dog. “Only until all our findings are known.”

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