Horticulture Teacher Sets World Record with Enormous1247-kg Pumpkin


World Record with Enormous1247-kg Pumpkin


World Record with Enormous1247-kg Pumpkin:  An American horticulture teacher has broken the world record by growing a pumpkin weighing 1,247 kilograms!
He won the World Pumpkin Weighing Championship in 2023 and received a generous prize of $30,000. This enormous and uneven pumpkin can yield at least 687 pumpkin pies.

World Record with Enormous 1,247-kg Pumpkin-1
The ginormous and oddly shaped record-breaking pumpkin could help produce at least 687 pies ( Image: AP)

At the age of 43, Jin Jie learned how to grow pumpkins from his father, and in the past four years, he has won three championships in giant pumpkin competitions.
This year, Jin Jie put in more effort, caring for the pumpkin meticulously and fertilizing it diligently.

He watered the pumpkin 12 times a day, resulting in the growth of this 1,247-kilogram pumpkin. Nevertheless, Jin Jie humbly regards growing such a large pumpkin as “unexpected.”


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