“Meet Tish: The Record-Breaking Goldfish Who Lived to 43!”

The Record-Breaking Goldfish


The Record-Breaking Goldfish: Tish, the oldest goldfish in recorded history, lived an astonishingly long life, reaching the age of 43. As he grew older, his scales underwent a remarkable transformation, changing from gold to silver.

The current Guinness Record for the oldest goldfish ever belongs to Tish, a male goldfish who defied expectations by living to 43 years of age. Tish resided in a fish bowl in North Yorkshire, UK, under the care of Hilda Hand and her son Peter. Peter won Tish as a prize at a fairground roll-a-penny stall in 1956 when he was just 7 years old. Even after Peter left home, his mother continued to care for the aging goldfish. Given that most goldfish have a lifespan of only a decade, Tish’s longevity was truly exceptional. Even 24 years after his death, he still holds the record as the oldest goldfish ever.

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image source: Guinness Records


Hilda Hand, speaking to the Daily Express in 1998 when Tish received official recognition as the world’s oldest goldfish, attributed his remarkable health and longevity to a nutritious diet and a tranquil living environment. She likened Tish to a pensioner who needed to take things at a slower pace, just like them.

Tish had a companion in his fish bowl named Tosh, but sadly, Tosh passed away at the age of 19 in 1976. In 1988, Tish had a close call with death when he accidentally leaped out of his bowl and onto the floor. Hilda wasn’t home at the time, so the duration of his time on the carpet remains unknown. Fortunately, once she returned and placed him back in the water, Tish resumed swimming as if nothing had happened.

Hilda Hand described Tish’s scales gradually shifting from gold to silver in his later years, similar to how the hair of humans and other mammals turns white with age. Tish eventually passed away on August 6, 1999, but his status as the oldest recorded goldfish remains intact.

Although there have been anecdotal reports of goldfish living up to 50 years, there is no authenticated evidence to support such claims.

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