The Disappearance of the Chilean Employee, Chilean Employee Vanishes After Receiving Accidental Salary Overpayment


The Disappearance of the Chilean Employee


The Disappearance of the Chilean Employee: A Chilean man, who received an accidental overpayment of his salary last month, has resigned from his position and disappeared, despite promising to return the excess money. The incident has caused great concern for the human resources department at Consorcio Industrial de Alimentos (Cial), Chile’s largest cold-cuts producer. Instead of receiving his entitled 500,000 pesos ($542), the employee was mistakenly paid 165,398,851 Chilean pesos ($180,000). The company is now left with no choice but to seek legal assistance in order to recover its losses.

According to the Chilean newspaper Diario Financiero, on May 30th, the employee, who worked as an office assistant at Cial, noticed the error in his monthly payment and promptly reported it to a deputy manager. After verifying the account, it became clear that the employee had received a payment that was 286 times his regular monthly salary. Cial management informed him of the mistake and requested the return of the excess amount. The worker agreed to visit the bank the following day to refund the money to his employer, but things took an unexpected turn.

The disappearance of the Chilean Employee
image source: Cial headquarters


When Cial’s financial department realized that they had not received any notification of the refunded payment from the bank, they attempted to contact the employee, but their messages went unanswered. Eventually, the worker reached out, claiming to have overslept and promising to visit the bank soon. However, they failed to follow through, and on June 2nd, they submitted their resignation through a law firm.

The worker has since vanished, leaving the company with no alternative but to pursue legal action. Cial considers this incident a case of misappropriation and hopes to recover at least a portion of the $180,000 that was accidentally paid.

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