Pizza delivery at altitude delivery wowed everyone on the internet!


Pizza delivery at altitude


Pizza delivery at altitude: Pizza is often considered a favorite comfort food for many, for various reasons, such as its taste, easy accessibility, and lack of restrictions on when to consume it.

Interestingly, a video shared online depicts a unique pizza delivery experience. In the video, construction workers are standing on a lift to a significant height, outside a building while two employees from a pizza outlet can be seen at a window in another building.

One of the employees throws a pizza box out of the window toward the worker standing on the lift, who catches it despite the limited space. A photo at the end of the video shows a man enjoying the pizza.

The video’s caption reads, “This is a determination only in New York.” Netizens praised the men’s skill and pointed out how the cheese did not even stick to the top of the box.

“Very impressive toss and catch,” one user wrote.

“On a scale of 1-100, the pressure of that throw for me would have been 1,000!!

Nice job!”

added another user. “Now that’s what I call delivery!!! Spot on!!”

remarked a user.


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