Mexican mayor’s surprise, hiring strippers, Mayor Hires Strippers for Father’s Day Celebration


Mexican mayor’s surprise, hiring strippers


Mexican mayor’s surprise, hiring strippers: The mayor of Huehuetán, a town in the Mexican state of Chiapas, has received severe criticism for hiring strippers to entertain male constituents during this year’s Father’s Day celebrations.

Mayor Manuel Ángel Villalobos decided to offer the men of his town something memorable, inviting them to a lewd strip show at the local auditorium on June 17. The event was promoted online with a poster featuring “a show, surprises, and presents,” but with a warning that “no children” and “no women” were allowed.

Photos and videos from the event show a group of enthusiastic men, traditional music, electrical appliances as raffle prizes, and three scantily-dressed women performing. The female performers were so popular that some male participants even went on stage and had the women dance on top of them.


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Although Mayor Villalobos warned local women not to attend the festivities, some disregarded this and even brought their children with them. Many women left the auditorium as soon as the strip show started and criticized the mayor for the sexually suggestive performance of the strippers.

A feminist collective, 50+1, condemned the “show of dancers with sexually-suggestive poses and dances,” stating that Father’s Day is meant to highlight the importance of the father figure in the family nucleus, not reinforce gender stereotypes and objectify women.



However, there were no complaints from male constituents, and Mayor Villalobos remained unapologetic about the controversial strip show. “Don’t forget that the reason for coming here was to have fun for a while,” he told participants during the event. “This program is made for you, I hope you enjoy it, and that you have a good time, a good memory.”




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