“Introducing Giraffenap: Enhancing Work Efficiency with Power Naps in Japan”


Introducing Giraffenap


Introducing Giraffenap: The Giraffenap, a new style of sleeping pod, has been introduced to promote power naps during the day, aiming to enhance concentration and work efficiency.

Japan, known for its intense work culture that often prioritizes extreme dedication over personal health and well-being, has a term, “karoshi,” for death by overwork. To cope with demanding schedules and high levels of stress, some Japanese workers have turned to short power naps, which have been recognized for their ability to boost energy and focus, as long as they don’t result in deep sleep. In order to facilitate power napping in various settings, a company has started installing vertical sleeping pods called “Gireaffenap” in cafes across the country.

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The vertical orientation of Gireaffenap pods serves two main purposes. Firstly, it allows for easy installation in small cafes and restaurants, as they occupy minimal space. Secondly, maintaining an upright position makes it easier for users to wake up from their power nap.

Each Gireaffenap pod includes an alarm system that can be set by the user and support points for the head, buttocks, calves, and feet to ensure an upright posture during napping. The pods also feature a height adjustment system to accommodate users of different sizes.

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Currently, Gireaffenap sleeping pods are available in two variants: a plain white model and one with a traditional bamboo design. Both models offer excellent sound insulation, sleep-inducing sounds, and a built-in ventilation system.

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Giraffenap is currently being introduced in select coffee shops in Japan, and if the response is positive, we may see them in other venues as well.

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By the way, the name Giraffenap is inspired by the upright sleeping position of giraffes.

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