“Injustice and Frustration: Atlanta Man Threatened with Foreclosure for City’s Mistaken Demolition of His Home”


Injustice and Frustration: Atlanta Man Threatened


Injustice and Frustration: Atlanta Man Threatened: A lawsuit has been filed against an Atlanta man who lost his house due to a mistaken demolition by the city. The lawsuit demands the foreclosure of the entire property unless he pays the $68,000 demolition costs.


Everett Tripodis used to own a home in Atlanta’s historic West End, but the city demolished it without any warning. Although letters were technically sent to notify the owner that the property was deemed unfit for habitation, they were mistakenly sent to the wrong address, located in a different zip code about 1.4 miles away. Tripodis and his mother had purchased the century-old house as an investment and were in the process of renovating it when the city decided to tear it down. To make matters worse, the city of Atlanta is now suing the property owner and threatening foreclosure on the vacant land unless he pays for the demolition costs amounting to $68,000.

According to Tripodis, the demolition order authorized the city and its contractor to demolish a home on a completely different street and zip code. He stated that the warning letters were also sent to the wrong address and were returned to the sender. Tripodis expressed his disbelief at how such a mistake could have been made, recounting his shock when he arrived one morning to find the entire house gone, leaving nothing but dirt.

Tripodis filed a claim for damages, but the city of Atlanta not only refused to pay, stating that it cannot assume responsibility and cover the claim but also filed a lawsuit against him, threatening foreclosure on his property unless he pays for the demolition costs.

Upon receiving a letter from the city, Tripodis hoped it would be an apology or compensation. However, he was dismayed to discover that the city was actually suing him. He expressed frustration, feeling that instead of rectifying the situation, the city doubled down and further exacerbated his predicament.

The city alleges that unless the interested parties pay the full redemption amount, the property should be sold at a public auction. This amount includes the original demolition costs plus interest, totaling over $68,000.

Tripodis previously sued the city for the wrongful demolition of his property, but his case is currently stuck in the Fulton Court system. He now has only a few weeks to respond to the foreclosure suit.

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