Indonesian Woman Survives Terrifying Crocodile Attack for 90 Minutes


Indonesian Woman Survives Terrifying


Indonesian Woman Survives Terrifying: A 38-year-old woman from Indonesia’s West Kalimantan Province had a miraculous escape after surviving a harrowing crocodile attack that lasted for 90 minutes. Falmira De Jesus, who works at a palm oil plantation, was collecting water from a stream in Ketapang Regency on July 27 when she was suddenly attacked by a crocodile that had been lying in wait. The enormous reptile lunged at her, grabbed her leg, and dragged her into the water. Despite the pain and the struggle, Falmira managed to call for help and fight off the crocodile until her co-workers arrived. Viral footage shows her bravely clinging to wooden poles extended in the water by her colleagues, while others used sticks to discourage the crocodile.

Recalling the terrifying ordeal, Falmira said, “I was in pain from where the crocodile was holding me. I couldn’t break free. Then I started to feel like I was becoming weaker. I just thought I was going to die because I was falling below the water.”

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Eyewitnesses reported that the crocodile held Falmira for 90 minutes, repeatedly trying to submerge her. Fortunately, the water was not deep enough, and more people arrived to assist. Eventually, the crocodile released its grip and retreated. One of Falmira’s brave co-workers entered the water to rescue her, and she was quickly taken to the nearest hospital.

Reflecting on her traumatic experience, the survivor stated, “I lie in the hospital and can still see the crocodile in my mind and feel it on my body. I am very grateful for the people who helped me escape. They saved my life.”

According to doctors, Falmira suffered deep puncture wounds on her right arm, thigh, and lower leg. However, she is expected to make a full recovery, which is considered nothing short of a miracle.


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