Hungarian Man Temporarily Become Rich After Employer’s Costly Mistake


Hungarian Man Temporarily Become Rich


Hungarian Man Temporarily Become Rich: A man from Hungary had a temporary windfall when his employer accidentally paid him 367 times more than his actual earnings. Despite the employer’s request for the money to be returned, the man refused to comply.

The incident involved an unnamed individual from Somogy County, Hungary, who had a brief employment period at a company in Kaposvár. Although his trial period was terminated, he was supposed to receive a salary of 92,549 forints, equivalent to 238 euros ($260). However, due to an error caused by the man providing an Austrian bank account, the company inadvertently transferred 367 times the intended amount, totaling 92,549 euros.

Upon discovering the mistake, the Hungarian company contacted the former employee and requested the return of the mistakenly transferred funds. The man claimed that he no longer had access to the Austrian bank account, making it impossible for him to return the money. However, further investigation revealed that he had withdrawn approximately 15,500 euros in cash from the Austrian account through an ATM in southern Hungary and transferred it to another bank account.


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With assistance from the Kaposvár District Prosecutor’s Office, the company successfully froze the accused’s Austrian bank account and arranged for the funds to be transferred back to their own account. As of now, they have recovered approximately 72,000 euros and hope to eventually retrieve the full amount mistakenly wired to the former employee.

The accused individual now faces charges of unlawful appropriation and risks a significant fine.


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