Australian Sailor and Dog Rescued after Surviving Two Months Adrift in Pacific Ocean on Raw Fish and Rainwater


Australian Sailor and Dog Rescued


Australian Sailor and Dog Rescued: An Australian sailor and his faithful dog were rescued recently after drifting in the Pacific Ocean for two months, surviving on raw fish and rainwater.

Tim Shaddock, a 54-year-old man from Sydney, and his dog, Bella, set sail from Mexico for French Polynesia in April.
However, a few weeks into their 6,000 km journey, their catamaran was severely damaged in a storm, leaving them stranded without any means of sailing.
The storm also destroyed their electronics, leaving them with no way of contacting anyone for help or cooking their supplies. The last time Shaddock saw dry land was in early May as he sailed out of the Sea of Cortez and into the Pacific during a full moon.
Since then, he and Bella have been drifting in the Pacific, seeking shelter under a canopy, eating raw fish, and drinking rainwater.

After being rescued, Shaddock said, “I’ve been through a very difficult ordeal at sea, and I need rest and good food because I’ve been alone at sea for a long time.
I have not had enough food for a long time. … I have very good medicine, and I’m being looked after very well.”

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image source: NBC NEWS

When asked why he set out in April from Mexico’s Baja Peninsula to cross the Pacific Ocean to French Polynesia, Shaddock could not provide a clear answer.
He simply said he loved sailing and “the people of the sea.” During the two months at sea, he stayed busy fixing various things on the boat and occasionally swimming in the water.

The first sign of human contact in three months came when Shaddock spotted a tuna boat’s helicopter flying in the distance.
Fortunately, the helicopter spotted him, and after the pilot threw him a drink, he returned with a speed boat from the María Delia fishing vessel.
The two castaways were reportedly in a precarious state and needed medical attention.

Interestingly, Bella, the catamaran’s canine passenger, was an instant hit with the crew of the María Delia. Shaddock had picked her up while traveling through Mexico, and despite his attempts to find her a home, she kept following him everywhere.
Even during their rescue, Bella refused to leave the boat before her human companion left. Shaddock mentioned that Bella would not be going with him to Australia and that one of the crew members of the María Delia would adopt her.

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image source: The US SUN

Shaddock expressed his gratitude to the captain and fishing company that saved his life, saying, “I’m just so grateful. I’m alive, and I didn’t really think I’d make it.” After being found by chance more than 2,000 kilometers (1,200 miles) from the nearest coast, his gratitude is more than understandable.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much more information available about the incident beyond what was reported in the original article.
However, it’s worth noting that surviving two months adrift in the Pacific Ocean is a remarkable feat, and Tim Shaddock and his dog Bella are incredibly lucky to have been rescued.
The Pacific Ocean is vast, and being stranded in the middle of it without any means of contacting anyone for help is an incredibly dangerous situation.
It’s a testament to Shaddock’s resourcefulness and determination that he was able to survive under such challenging circumstances.

It’s also heartening to hear that Bella was well cared for during the rescue and will be adopted by one of the crew members of the María Delia fishing vessel.
Pets can be a significant source of comfort and companionship, and it’s clear that Bella played an important role in keeping Shaddock’s spirits up during his time at sea.

Overall, this story is a reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and the importance of never giving up hope, even in the most challenging of circumstances.

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