An 8-year-old Bolivian boy lands in hospital after daring attempt to become Spider-Man by getting bitten by a black widow spider

become Spider-Man by getting bitten by a black widow spider


become Spider-Man by getting bitten by a black widow spider: In an attempt to emulate his favorite superhero, Spider-Man, an 8-year-old boy from Bolivia ended up in the hospital after intentionally allowing himself to be bitten by a dangerous black widow spider.

The incident took place in Vichuloma, a municipality near Oruro in Central Bolivia. While playing near a river close to his house, the unnamed child discovered a black widow spider after flipping a large rock. Unaware of the potential consequences of being bitten by such a highly venomous spider, he picked it up and placed it on the back of his hand, hoping to be bitten. His wish came true, and he returned home only to experience symptoms like body aches and intense muscle spasms. Initially, he didn’t inform his mother about the spider bite, but after enduring three hours of agony, he finally revealed that he had been bitten by a colorful spider.

Concerned for her son’s well-being, the mother initially took him to a health center in a neighboring town. However, due to the severity of the situation, he was subsequently referred to the Hospital General San Juan de Dios in Oruro. Pediatricians at the hospital, upon learning about the spider bite, contacted Ernesto Vásquez, the head of the Zoonotic Diseases Program of the Departmental Health Service of Oruro. Vásquez assisted in identifying the spider species responsible for the bite.

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“The child, without considering the risks, picked it up and placed it on the back of his palm where the arachnid made the bite,” Vásquez told the EFE news agency. “We are extremely concerned because the analysis and questions asked to the child when he had already recovered indicate that he picked up the arachnid with a simple purpose—that he wanted to become Spider-Man.”

The boy’s mother confirmed his admiration for Spider-Man but had no idea he would undertake such a dangerous act to transform into the Marvel superhero. Fortunately, after the spider species were identified, doctors administered the appropriate anti-venom, and the boy’s condition stabilized within 30 minutes.

“These black spiders with red backs are black widows. They do not cause anyone to become Spider-Man—on the contrary, they put lives at risk,” Vásquez stated.


While most people bitten by widow spiders do not experience serious complications, some widow species have been known to cause fatalities due to the severe disruption of nerve signals in the body. Young children, the elderly, and individuals with underlying health issues are particularly vulnerable to severe complications from widow bites.

Interestingly, a remarkably similar case was recorded in 2020 when three boys from the Bolivian town of Chayanta purposefully provoked black widow spiders to bite them, aspiring to become real-life Spider-Men.


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