The amazing Thai cheeseburger meatless shocked everyone!!!


Amazing Thai Cheeseburger


Amazing Thai Cheeseburger: Cheese is a common topping in many dishes in Thailand, but Burger King’s latest addition to its menu may be a step too far for some customers.

The fast-food chain has launched a new offering in Thailand, a meatless burger loaded with 20 slices of American cheese, called “The Real Cheeseburger”. It has received mixed reactions from customers.

While some have called the cheese-filled bun “heaven”, others have found it “revolting”. Some Burger King locations have reportedly stopped taking orders for deliveries to ensure they have enough stock to satisfy in-store diners.

Burger King has promoted the product online, urging customers to “show off” when eating it. Despite the indifferent response, some customers have found new ways to enjoy it, such as separating the cheese to eat with bread in the morning.

The Real Cheeseburger does not come with any additional toppings, such as tomatoes or lettuce, and is available at a “discount” price of 109 Thai baht (£2.41) compared to a regular burger priced at 380 baht (£8.42).

Cheese is a hugely popular food in Thailand, especially among young people, and is used in many dishes.

Sure, I can tell you more about Burger King’s Real Cheeseburger in Thailand!

The burger has caused quite a stir on social media, with many people sharing their opinions and reactions to the cheese-packed creation. Some have praised the burger, saying that it is a cheese-lovers dream come true, while others have called it a heart attack waiting to happen.

Interestingly, the Real Cheeseburger does not contain any meat, making it a vegetarian option. However, with 20 slices of American cheese, it is certainly not a healthy choice. Some people have even joked that the burger is more cheese than bun!

Despite the mixed reactions, Real Cheeseburger has been a hit with some customers, and Burger King has been promoting it heavily on its social media channels. Only time will tell if the burger will become a permanent fixture on the menu in Thailand or if it will remain a limited-time offering.

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