Saudi Man Undergoes Surgery After Accidentally Swallowing Car Key While Playing with It.


Accidentally Swallowing Car Key


Accidentally Swallowing Car Key: The provided text is a news article about a 49-year-old man who accidentally swallowed his car key while playing with it.

The incident occurred in Saudi Arabia’s coastal Al Qunfudah governorate, and the man had to undergo laparoscopic surgery to unblock his airway.

The article notes that it is unclear how the man managed to swallow his car key, but most Middle Eastern news sources suggest that he was playing with it. The medical team at the hospital where he was treated was praised for their quick action, and the surgery was successful in removing the key and clearing the blockage of the airways.

However, the article also mentions that the procedure was complicated due to the patient’s heart condition. The man was hospitalized for a few days to ensure that no complications arose before being discharged.

The article concludes by noting that while incidents of people accidentally swallowing foreign objects are not uncommon, this is the first time that the author has heard of someone swallowing their car keys.
The article also references previous incidents where people have accidentally swallowed their toothbrushes and even their grillz.

Overall, the article provides a brief but informative account of a relatively unusual medical incident.
It highlights the quick and effective response of the medical team, while also noting the potential complications that can arise in such situations.

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