The mathematician who won the lottery ticket 14 times using the mathematical model

won the lottery ticket 14 times: Everyone knows that the chances of someone winning the lottery are very slim. An oft-quoted statistic is that you are more likely to be struck by lightning and die than to pick a lucky ticket.

When there are millions of possible combinations for a lottery ticket, you need to buy a lot of lottery tickets if you want to have a good chance of taking home the jackpot.

And that’s exactly what a Romanian economist named Stefan Mandel did with the help of investors and a syndicate – the International Lottery Fund, or ILF – who won a total of 14 lotteries around the world.

“Theoretically, anyone could buy all possible combinations,” Mendel explained in an interview available on YouTube. Any high school girl or boy can calculate those combinations.

The mathematician who won the lottery ticket 14 times 1
Mandel scooped a fortune in winnings (Image: Yui Mok/PA Wire)

“No one has ever created a logistics system that can deliver such a large volume of playing cards.

We were the only winners and that’s it.”
Finally, Mendel targeted a lottery in Virginia, where the rules about picking six numbers between one and 44 meant they only had 7,059,052, which was a good thing.
If you want to enter the Tory lottery for some reason, you have a better chance of winning the Tory lottery.

The good thing was that Virginia allowed people to buy tickets and print them at home, making it a lot cheaper than doing it at a cashier – they only needed 30 computers.

The mathematician who won the lottery ticket 14 times
Aussie mathematician Stefan Mandel won the lottery 14 times. Picture: Stefan Mandel

It was in February 1992 that his syndicate went for the $27 million jackpot, and because they had made every ticket imaginable, they received an additional $900,000 in prizes for tickets that came in second, third, fourth, etc.
He and the ILF were investigated by 14 international agencies – including the CIA and the FBI – but both were cleared of any wrongdoing.

And where is Mendel now? Well, according to The Hustle, he spends his days in a beach house on a remote island off the coast of Australia.

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