Woman hailed for refusing to yield ‘priority’ train seat to ‘elderly’ passenger

 refusing to yield: A woman’s account of her train journey has gone viral, earning her praise for her actions when faced with a challenging situation onboard.

After sharing her story on Reddit, she received overwhelming support for her decision not to surrender her first-class seat to an older woman who demanded that she vacate it.

The woman was traveling from London to Aberdeen and had chosen to purchase a first-class ticket to enhance her productivity during the trip.

Woman hailed for refusing to yield

Upon boarding the train, she realized that her assigned seat was the designated “priority seat” in the first-class carriage. Subsequently, a woman in her 60s boarded the train and insisted that she give up the seat.
In her Reddit post, she wrote, “I recently took a train journey across the UK from London to Aberdeen. It’s a seven-hour ride, so I had pre-booked a first-class seat well in advance.”

She added, “I boarded the train in London and occupied my seat. However, the seat assigned to me happened to be the ‘priority seat.’ Priority seats are located at the end of the carriages and are designated for individuals with mobility challenges due to age or disability. A woman who appeared to be around 60 years old boarded after me and, rather impolitely, demanded that I move because she was ‘elderly.’

“I informed her that I had booked the seat and she would need to approach a staff member to find an alternative. She pointed out that the train was full and there were no other available seats. I apologized but reiterated that I had reserved the seat and had no intention of moving.”

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The uncomfortable situation persisted until a train guard intervened.
The Reddit post continued, “Eventually, a train guard approached us to offer assistance. The lady had purchased a return ticket but had not reserved a specific seat. For those unfamiliar with train procedures, having a ticket without a seat reservation means you can board the train but aren’t guaranteed a seat unless one is available.

“The guard asked if either of us would be willing to move to standard class if he could find us a seat. Once again, I declined, explaining that I had made my seat reservation well in advance and needed it. Eventually, he escorted the woman to standard class, presumably finding her a seat there.

“I felt a tinge of guilt, but I also believed that I shouldn’t subject myself to significant discomfort simply because someone else failed to plan ahead and secure a seat.”
The woman garnered praise for her firm stance in retaining the seat she had paid extra for and reserved in a timely manner.

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One commenter criticized the train operating company, stating, “The train company is at fault here. They sold the disability seats as the most expensive ones on the train. Then they attempted to relocate the person who had purchased those seats to standard class.”

Another individual added, “NTA (Not the A**hole) – as you stated, you reserved the seat and needed it for valid reasons. The lady is not entitled to the seat you paid for solely because she is elderly.”
A train attendant chimed in, saying, “Train attendant here. NTA. You booked and paid for that specific seat. If the lady had specific requirements, she should have made a reservation specifying her needs.”

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