Woman Bites Through Security Cord to Steal iPhone from Apple Store After Being Unable to Afford the Price


Steal iPhone from Apple Store


Steal iPhone from Apple Store: Unable to resist her desire for a new iPhone despite being unable to afford one, a Chinese woman ended up stealing one from an Apple store. Surveillance footage from the store in Fuzhou City showed the woman entering and heading directly to the smartphone display. There she inspected a device while glancing around furtively. She then grabbed an iPhone and began biting through the cord attaching it to the stand.

If you’ve ever encountered the security cords on display phones, you know they trigger loud alarms when tampered with. Predictably, her method set it off as well. However, the staff dismissed the sound as another false alarm and shut it off, allowing the woman to walk out with the stolen phone.

Unfortunately for her, staff soon noticed the missing device and alerted the police. Facial recognition technology efficiently helped authorities quickly identify and apprehend the woman minutes after she arrived home. Reports said she wanted a replacement for her lost phone but couldn’t afford the 7,000 yuan iPhone 14 Plus. Faced with that price tag, she chose theft instead. She now faces three years in prison and a 200,000 yuan fine for her crime.

Chinese media indicated the woman attempted to explain she intended to purchase a new phone but the high cost put her off. With no ability to spend $900, she decided stealing was the alternative.



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