Why Airplane Seats Are Almost Always Blue!

Why Airplane Seats Are Almost Always Blue: If you’ve ever paid attention to the color of airplane seats, you might have noticed that they are almost always blue, with very few exceptions. While some people assume that this color was chosen because it reminds us of the sky, the explanation is not that simple.

Why Airplane Seats Are Almost Always Blue

Airplane Seats Are Almost Always Blue
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The first blue seats came into use several decades ago, and now all airlines choose upholstery of this color. According to British scientists, most people associate the color blue with reliability and safety, which is important even for passengers who do not suffer from aerophobia. Additionally, research has shown that 90% of people subconsciously make a decision about the attractiveness of a company based on its brand colors.

There is also a practical reason why airlines choose blue seats – dirt, stains, and scrapes are less visible on this color, so these seats can be in use for a longer period of time compared to seats covered with lighter-colored upholstery. However, since fewer people can afford to fly first class, airlines use bright upholstery there more often as the fabric wears out slower.

Airplane Seats Are Almost Always Blue and red
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Interestingly, in the 1970s and 1980s, some airlines tried to use red upholstery but later had to change it to blue because it turned out that the color red increased the level of aggression among passengers.

As for the materials used, seats can be upholstered with either artificial leather or fabric. On aircraft used for long-distance flights such as transatlantic ones, seats are upholstered with fabric because it allows the skin to breathe, so passengers do not sweat or experience discomfort.

On the other hand, artificial leather works perfectly for short flights as it is extremely wear-proof, and even spilled drinks will not leave stains on it.

Leather airplane seat
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Interestingly, the cloth that is put on the back of the seat is called an antimacassar. These clothes were widely used to cover the furniture in the Victorian Era. The name of this accessory stems from the macassar oil that men used for hair styling, which is extremely rich and leaves greasy stains on furniture. People put small pieces of fabric on top of armchairs where people would rest their heads to prevent any damage to expensive furniture.

But why don’t the windows on planes match the seats?

Have you ever sat near the window but actually saw nothing through the window itself? This may have happened because the window was on the same level as the back of the seat or even right behind it.

It turns out that this happens because airlines try to squeeze as many seats into one plane as possible. Aviation companies provide airlines with recommendations on how to install seat rows correctly, but few airlines usually follow these rules. Tracks on the floor of the aircraft allow rows of seats to be organized at the airline’s discretion, and companies use this opportunity to increase their bottom line.

Bonus: How to Choose the Best Seat

Bonus: How to Choose the Best Seat
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As we already know, row positioning in aircraft mostly depends on the imagination and maybe the greediness of the airlines. So, it is not easy to choose a comfortable seat. However, there are a few tips that can help you:

  1. There are special websites where you can see the real row positioning in airplanes belonging to different airlines. They will help you determine if you will actually enjoy the view from the window or if you will have to constantly bend over to see the landscapes.
  2. If you do not want to listen to engine noise, then choose seats closer to the nose of the airplane. In this case, you may have to listen to stewardesses talking, but they are unlikely to be louder than the sound of the engine. If you did not manage to “catch” these seats, sit closer to the aisle as it is quieter there than near the window.
  3. If you are tall, be sure to sit next to the emergency exit – there is


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