Who is the lover? Solve the visual puzzle in 5 seconds.

Who is the lover?: Put your visual and mental agility to the test with this visual puzzle designed for true detectives who love to solve mysteries. These viral challenges have become a sensation on social media. Can you solve this challenge? Give it a try and don’t give up on the first attempt.

If so, then solve the mental exercise where only 2% of users succeeded. The goal of this test is to find the lover in less than 5 seconds. To emerge victorious, you must pay close attention to every detail in the following image and…GO! The clock is ticking and it won’t stop.

Who is the lover?

Before you begin, we recommend you stop everything you’re doing and put all five senses into solving this visual puzzle. Start your stopwatch and begin now! You have only a few seconds left!

Where was the lover? If you’ve made it this far, you’re likely part of the 99% of users who didn’t find the answer. But don’t worry, we’ll present the solution right away.

Who is the lover




Did you find the correct answer? If you haven’t found it yet, give yourself another 5 seconds!





“Who is the lover?” Answer.

Solution: The person wearing the yellow shirt is the lover because they don’t have the common apple that men have, and they used men’s clothing to disguise themselves as a man to mislead the real woman.

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Image source: 7-Second Riddles

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