Personality test, which hemisphere of the brain is used, by answering this personality test, you will understand this issue


Personality test, which hemisphere of the brain is used


Personality test, which hemisphere of the brain is used: Have you ever wondered why certain skills are more developed in some than in others? With this test, you will be able to recognize your strengths.

Welcome to a new personality test from Galgoli magazine. On this occasion, we invite you to discover which hemisphere of your brain you use the most. We remind you that these visual tests only have a recreational purpose and simply seek to generate curiosity.

The functions of our two cerebral hemispheres vary from each other. For example, the left hemisphere focuses primarily on logic, language, and speech; while the right hemisphere is dedicated to creativity, intuition, and spatial attention.

All of us are a unique combination of both hemispheres in different proportions. However, with this personality test, you can discover which one predominates the most in you. Are you curious?

What did you see first in the personality test image?

The objective of this visual test is to help you recognize which hemisphere of your brain is predominant in you. That way, you will be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Are you eager to know how you see the world?

Just focus on the personality test image for a couple of seconds and you will have the answer.


Personality test, which hemisphere of the brain is used-1
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We recommend that you be totally honest when deciding which figure you saw first.
Which hemisphere of your brain do you use the most? Discover it here

Answered Personality test, which hemisphere of the brain is used


If you saw the cat first…

This personality test results in you possibly using your right side of the brain more, which indicates a great imagination. You could be disorganized, unpredictable, and, in most cases, have outstanding interpersonal skills. You are spontaneous, and creative and show a greater emotional connection. Your intuition is strong, so you are skilled at solving problems.

If you saw the fish first…

This visual test results in possibly using the left side of your brain more. You focus on well-defined goals, are a critical thinker, and are rarely distracted. You do not let emotions interfere when making decisions and you prefer organization in your activities. You are highly realistic, logical, and precise in your actions.

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