What is your mental age? Take this test to find out!

What is your mental age: What is your Mental Age: Do you think your mental age is too different from your actual age? Millions of people around the globe have different biological and mental ages. You may be one of them. Take the 5-minute mental age test to find out your mental age! And don’t forget to share your result in the comments. Stay with the Galgoli.

What is your mental age?

This test has only 10 questions and it takes 3 to 5 minutes to complete. The questions are very simple and easy and they are all about you and your personality. You can start answering the questions immediately after reading the rules.


The rules of the test are very simple. You must review all ten questions and answer them honestly. Do not think too much about your answers. As soon as you read the question form and the four-option answers, choose one immediately. don’t think The less you think, the better.

Each answer has its own number. That is, if you choose answer 1 in question 1, you get one point, answer 2, two points, and so on. After answering ten questions, count your points so that the test will tell you what is your real mental age.

Question 1

If you could only choose one color, which color would you choose?

Pink color

Question 2

If you could choose only one of these foods to eat right now, which would you choose?

a hamburger
A bowl of soup

Question 3

What do you do most when you’re online?

Check out Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat
Read motivational articles and e-books
Check out the latest celebrity gossip and show news
check your email

Question 4

If you could choose one animal to be your spirit animal, would it be one of them?

I don’t need to have a spirit animal

Question 5

If you were to watch a movie tonight, what kind of movie would you watch?

Animation movie
Action movie

Question 6

Let’s imagine that you can choose a skill to learn right now, without putting in any effort. Which one do you choose?

Learn a new language
Learn a new sport
Management skills

Question 7

What is your dream vacation?

Disneyland park
European tour
A big city
A tropical island or a cabin in the woods

Question 8

If you won the lottery, how would you spend the money?

Travel around the world, party, and go shopping
Buy gifts for your loved ones and renovate the house
Pay your bills, student loans or mortgage Put it in a savings account and keep it for your children

Question 9

What do you do after you mess up the house with your friends? be honest!

You leave it to someone else to clean it
You offer friends to clean the house, but you hope they say no
Delete it because it is your fault
Clean it up, because no one else will.

We have reached the last and most difficult question!

Question number 10

What is the meaning of life?

to be happy
and successful
Can I get another question?

Let’s go to the results of the 5-minute mental age test
Add up your numbers and find out what your real mental age is.

What is your mental age
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Results What is your mental age:

If you have:

10-19 points: You are 9 years old

You have a lot of energy, you are always doing something and you are never idle. You react quite emotionally to every event in your daily life and you always feel better after sharing and embracing it.

20-29 points: You are 15-19 years old

You welcome new emotions and like to explore all the possible situations that occur in your life. You are a conqueror and you are always ready to rebel, that is, you are ready to experience new things. All you do is find your place in the world.

30-33 points: You are 20-29 years old

This is the age when your true personality is formed. You’re more confident and always know the right thing to do, which doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t know how to have fun.

34-37 points: You are 29-55 years old

You know how to take responsibility for your actions, and you know what your actions can lead to. You control your emotions well. It’s time to shine and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

38-40 points: You are 55 and older

You take off your mask and show the world your true self. Finally, you are ready to enjoy golden days, without complications and unwanted thoughts.

What is your mental age
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Mental or intellectual age and real age

We, humans, are constantly growing since the day we set foot in the world. This growth is accompanied by increasing age. In other words, as the days and weeks go by, we move more towards aging and finally old age. Naturally, various factors play a role in the human aging process, and for this reason, two people of the same chronological age may be different in terms of body structure, and one of them may be broken earlier, and the other may look younger relative to his age. This issue can only be considered in terms of physical structure.

When two people of the same age can be very different from each other in terms of physical aspect, therefore, in terms of mental age, people can also be different from each other, and their mental and physical age may be far from each other. we put.

What is mental age?

Many people seek to know their inner personality and to be aware of their inner self; It is interesting to know that this issue can be found with different methods, one of which is a psychological test. Mental age indicates the intellectual development of a person, the age of a birth certificate passes at the same speed for everyone and the person has no involvement in it, but according to factors such as genes, environment, nutrition, family, and social education, the mental age can be more or less than the age. It should be our birth certificate.

People have 2 different ages; Birth certificate age and mental age. In other words, your brain and mental function may be incredibly higher or lower than your birth certificate age, in the meantime, your emotional age is also included in your age group, so it is better to first familiarize yourself with the types of your inner age and then to Measure yourself with the help of tests.

What is mental age?

Mental age indicates the intellectual development of a person, the age of a birth certificate passes at the same speed for everyone and the person has no involvement in it, but according to factors such as genes, environment, nutrition, family, and social education, the mental age can be more or less than the age. It should be our birth certificate.

Mental age or IQ can be measured, you must have heard that “a person understands more than his age”. In some advanced societies, the system of general mental age is kept at a standard level, and for special purposes, high-IQ people are imported from third-world countries, while in our country, since ancient times, the goal has been to increase the growth of general mental age.

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