What is the missing value? 98% of people did not pass the God-level riddle

What is the missing value: This new mental test caused headaches among users who tried to solve it. Show that you can overcome it at the speed of light.

As usual, your friends at Galgoli will test your INTELLIGENCE once again. If you consider yourself a person with a BRILLIANT mind, this new visual riddle will be very easy to solve and you can declare yourself VICTORIOUS in just a few seconds.

The mission you will have to accomplish this time is not easy, but we know about the visual skills you possess, so it’s time to show that you are a true GENIUS at solving mental tests trending on the Internet.

What is the missing value?

Can you find the correct value? If you’re ready to test your mental capacity, don’t let time beat you. Today, you’ll only have 10 seconds to use them in the best way possible if you want to fulfill the objective of this mission.

What is the missing value





The Answer to What is the missing value

The time is up! If you didn’t finish the math exercise, you can’t call yourself an EXPERT. However, we applaud the effort you put in, which is why we’ll leave the correct solution below.

The correct solution to the visual riddle: This time, all you had to do was multiply the sequence with the next number. Example: 5 x 6 = 30, then 6 x 7 = 42 and so on. So, if we get to the number 10, the number next to it would be 11 and the correct answer would be 110.

The Answer to What is the missing value

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