Weight loss influencer dies at 35, just 4 months after marriage

Weight loss influencer dies: The newly married mother of four influencers died of a suspected cardiac arrest at the age of 35.

Instagram star Mila De Jesus died on Friday (January 12). She had married her husband, George Kovick, four months ago. He has four children from his previous relationship.

She had been struggling with psoriasis since July and shared her story on social media in October.

He wrote: I have been struggling with this condition for three months, 80% of my body has been affected. “Manipulation by doctors, drugs, ointments, and deep breathing.”

A picture juxtaposing De Jesus before and after her weight loss operation.
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In November, she celebrated six years since her weight loss surgery with two side-by-side photos showing her remarkable transformation.
He wrote: Thirteen years between one photo and another.

Six years after a decision changed my life in many ways. “On the one hand, 22-year-old Mila, and the other hand, 35-year-old Mila. “Look at how much we’ve changed, how we’ve grown, and what we’ve learned.
Mila was from Bahia, Brazil, but lived in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Weight loss influencer dies at 35
Mila De Jesus became famous for her makeup tutorials, which she posted for her over 100,000 followers on YouTube.
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After the news of his death, his fans remembered that he had lost his mother about two years ago.

Many of the lifestyle influencer’s 58,500 Instagram followers sent messages of condolences.

One of them wrote: “I wish you could show up on a story and say it was just a joke. A test for you to see how much you like it!”

“Rest in peace, Mila, and thank you so much for teaching us how to smile even during life’s chaos.”

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