A couple’s wedding lasts only 3 minutes because of the groom’s insulting comments

wedding lasts only 3 minutes: In a rare occurrence, a couple has set a new record for one of the shortest marriages on record, lasting only three minutes.

According to reports, the Kuwaiti couple’s relationship came to a head when the groom started mocking the bride in an emotional moment after she accidentally fell. He referred to her as an “idiot” and was deeply offended.

The couple’s marriage dissolved almost immediately, right within the confines of their wedding ceremony.

The extraordinary incident quickly went viral on Twitter, with one user sharing: “I attended a wedding where the groom used his words to mock his wife as if she was some kind of roast, just like her dad. That’s what it’s like.” which the woman did.

wedding lasts only 3 minutes
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This incident takes place in the midst of growing discussions about divorce and changing perceptions around it. Model, author, and podcast host Emily Ratajkowski has recently challenged the stigma associated with divorce, even calling it “chic.”

He noted that it seems that many young women choose to divorce before the age of 30. Reflecting on her split from Sebastian Beer-McClard, she continued: “As someone who got married at 26 and then divorced at 32, I have to say there’s got to be something better.”

Ratajkowski described his twenties as a learning experience and emphasized the liberation and self-discovery that come with turning thirty. She highlighted the value of independence and the opportunity to explore different paths in life, including that the notion of marriage may not always live up to expectations.

After this failed marriage, the story is a reminder of the importance of respect, empathy, and open communication in relationships and the importance of choosing a partner who values and uplifts others.

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