Divorce on the Menu: Bride Seeks Split after Groom’s Cake Prank

Wedding Cake Prank: In a shocking turn of events, a woman is pursuing a divorce a mere day after her wedding due to a prank involving the groom’s wedding cake. This extraordinary tale was shared by the bride herself in Slate’s renowned Dear Prudence advice column last year, shedding light on the abrupt end to her newly formed union.

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“Following our Christmas nuptials, I am determined to finalize my divorce or secure an annulment by the end of January,” she disclosed. “While I wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about marriage, I was open to the idea. So when my boyfriend proposed in 2020, we made the decision to proceed.”

“We both shared equal responsibility in orchestrating the wedding, and I believe I was quite accommodating in terms of compromise, especially if it involved something he truly desired,” she elaborated. However, there was one specific stipulation the bride had for their special day: the groom was strictly forbidden from smearing cake on her face during the reception.

“As an understanding man who knows me well, he respected my wish,” she recounted. “Instead, he unexpectedly seized the back of my head and forcefully thrust my face into the cake. It was premeditated, evident from the already ruined cake and the presence of backup cupcakes.”

wedding-cake-smasher-Wedding Cake Prank

This jarring incident compelled the bride to reassess her relationship, leading her to declare, “The following day, I informed him that it was over.” Nevertheless, those around her are urging her to reconcile with her newlywed husband, asserting that her reaction is an overblown response stemming from personal issues.

“After experiencing a car accident years ago, I developed severe claustrophobia, and being forcibly pushed into the cake triggered a panic attack,” she disclosed. “Everyone appears so united and confident in their belief that I am making a colossal mistake, causing me to question if they might be right.”

In response, Prudence, the column’s advice columnist, advised the bride to trust her own judgment, regarding the groom’s actions as a “red flag.” “While everyone else may be convinced that you are making an error, they are not the ones who have to wake up each day with a man whose behavior deeply troubles them—you are. Therefore, you should solely rely on your own instincts,” Prudence advised.


“I perceive what he did as a display of disrespect towards your wishes, not to mention the physical aggression. However, even if it weren’t, the fact that you genuinely disliked it is reason enough. Take note of which loved ones fail to prioritize your happiness, and proceed with your divorce.”

The story gained further attention when it was shared on Reddit’s Wedding Shaming forum, where individuals rallied behind the bride’s decision, affirming her choice to prioritize her well-being and emotional fulfillment.

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