Water tank puzzle، 20 second challenge to test your IQ – Which glass will fill first? Don’t blink – time’s ticking!

Water tank puzzle: Are you ready to put your IQ to the test? See if you can figure out which glass will fill first in just 20 seconds – don’t blink, time’s ticking! Show us what you’ve got and prove you’re a master of this brain teaser!

Water tank puzzle

Water tank puzzles are a type of logic puzzle that involves filling up a container with a certain amount of water. The goal of the puzzle is to use the given information and available resources to determine how to fill the tank with the correct amount of water.

Water tank puzzle

These puzzles often contain a number of different tanks which are connected in some way, and each tank must be filled to the correct level. Players must use logical thinking and problem-solving skills in order to solve the puzzle.

Water tank puzzle-answer-Challenge solved

This type of brain teaser is very popular, and we are glad that you could solve this one. As a reward, we encourage you to try other challenges and puzzles on our website to keep your brain sharp and help it grow.

The solution is: the glass 5

Water tank puzzle

Congratulations to those who found it!

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