Pulling the poisonous snake out of the family refrigerator in the “traumatic” scenes.

venomous snake stuck in fridge: In a “traumatic” incident, a poisonous snake was pulled out of a family’s indoor water cooler in their refrigerator.

Of course, many deadly animals in Australia can seriously harm you. From pythons engaging in cannibalism to kangaroos fighting a grown man, it looks like you’ll have to watch out for yourself.

For one family, that was certainly the case after a large, venomous red-bellied black snake was found hanging from a refrigerator’s sprinkler.

The snake was found by Gail Auricht, who discovered the 80 cm (31 in) snake chilling from a refrigerator in the outdoor entertainment area of a home in Adelaide Hills, Adelaide.


It is believed that the snake was looking for a place to cool off from the extreme heat and got stuck in the cooling water of the refrigerator. Fortunately, a professional snake catcher was able to safely free the snake and remove it.
A friend of Auricht wrote on X/Twitter that the situation was “traumatic” because of her son’s past bad experience with a snake.
This snake was in my friend’s fridge yesterday. To make matters worse, his son was bitten by a poisonous snake at the age of 6, so it was very traumatic for him.

black-snake-venomous snake stuck in fridge

In the comments, the friend explained how Orish made the discovery, writing, “His cat was hissing at the fridge in the dark, so he turned on the light and saw this.”

Despite being venomous, red-bellied black snakes are not known to be particularly aggressive and often only bite when they feel threatened or provoked.

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