Unveiling of Saint Andrew Kim Dae-geon’s Sculpture at St. Peter’s Basilica


Unveiling of Saint Andrew Kim Dae-geon’s


Unveiling of Saint Andrew Kim Dae-geon’s: The sculpture of the first Korean priest, Saint Andrew Kim Dae-geon, was placed in a niche on the exterior wall of St. Peter’s Basilica on Saturday, September 16th.

A delegation of approximately 300 Korean faithful came to the Vatican, and Cardinal Yu Hyung-sik, the Prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy, celebrated a Mass in Korean for the Korean worshippers.

In the afternoon, at 4:30 pm, the sculpture of Saint Andrew Kim Dae-geon was unveiled with great ceremony. The statue, which is 4 meters tall and weighs approximately 6 tons, was carved out of Italian marble by Korean sculptor Han Jin-seok.

Father Kim Dae-geon was born in 1821 and was baptized at the age of 15. He later studied at a monastery in Macau and was ordained as the first Korean Catholic priest in 1845.

During the reign of the Joseon Dynasty in Korea, he was arrested and persecuted for spreading the Gospel and was martyred on September 16, 1846, at the age of 25.

Pope John Paul II, during his visit to Korea in 1984, canonized 103 martyrs as saints, including Father Kim Dae-geon.


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