“Liminal Work Shop Creates Unique Puffer Jacket with 3D Keyboard Key Design, Blending Fashion, and Functionality”

Unique Puffer Jacket with 3D Keyboard


Unique Puffer Jacket with 3D Keyboard: Liminal Work Shop, a niche fashion brand, has crafted a distinctive puffer jacket adorned with 54 individually placed 3D padded keyboard keys. Constructed from water-resistant nylon, the Liminal puffer jacket boasts practical features such as key zipper pockets, a hash key zipper pull, and an adjustable waist.

Unique Puffer Jacket with 3D Keyboard-1
image source: liminal work

However, its true allure lies in its unique aesthetic, making it a coveted piece priced at £495 ($623). Whether one embraces or questions its keyboard-inspired design, it undeniably represents a fresh and artistic approach within the realm of fashion. Moreover, the abundance of padded keys may prove useful on chilly winter days.

Unique Puffer Jacket with 3D Keyboard-2

For those seeking a livelier option beyond the black-and-grey combination, Liminal introduced an ivory-white version a few months ago. This alternative exudes a more retro vibe and is crafted from faux leather.

Unique Puffer Jacket with 3D Keyboard-3
image source: liminal work

At a more affordable price point of $269.99, it may even be found at a discounted rate. However, it does feature fewer keyboard keys, presenting a trade-off for interested buyers.

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