Parents were shocked after receiving a call from their son who they thought had been dead for 6 months

Unbelievable Story Sibling Pranks: Look, none of us is above pettiness, especially when it comes to family discussions. But as he revealed in a radio call, one man’s sisters took things to a whole new level.

The brother, Callum, shared with New Zealand’s ZM program that his sisters once took it to the extreme by convincing their parents that he was dead.

And his poor mom and dad only discovered the truth when he contacted them… six months later.

Co-hosts Carl Fletcher, Van Smith, and Haley Sproul listened to the story with their jaws dropped, referring to it as “the best” they’d ever heard. The trio quickly questioned Callum about the details of this outrageous deception, and he willingly provided them. “My sisters were having a fight with my parents at the time, and they didn’t get along,” he explained.

I was living in Wellington while they were in Christchurch, and my older sister actually called my parents and told them I was dead.

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According to Callum, his sisters then claimed that the funeral had already taken place, and their parents weren’t invited because his ex-girlfriend’s parents “didn’t want them there.”

At this point, a startled Smith interjected, “I’ll say it, and in the nicest possible way—your sister seems like a lunatic.

“No offense. Your sister appears crazy, like a high-level red flag!”

The hosts then asked the million-dollar question: why hadn’t Callum spoken to his parents for half a year?

He matter-of-factly replied, “I was just busy with life and work, and then I realized, wait, I haven’t heard from my parents in a while. I wonder what’s going on?”

He then revealed that he “called them,” and to their shock, they responded, “You’re alive?”

When asked about their reaction upon hearing their possibly deceased son’s voice, Callum admitted they were “beside themselves.”

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He said, “My mom was in tears, and my dad was kind of stunned. He was just like, ‘What’s going on?’

However, he later mentioned that they were “over the moon” when he visited them that weekend to “reassure them” of his existence.

Naturally, the presenters questioned how his parents could have accepted the news of his death without attempting to verify it.

“They were calling all our other relatives to see if they had heard anything, from what I was told,” he explained.

“And since they didn’t receive any information to the contrary, my parents assumed, ‘Yeah, he’s dead.'”

The presenters then discussed whether one would call if they heard someone had died.

“If someone tells you your friend is dead, you don’t want to pick up the phone and call them, do you? ‘Ah, well, yes, they’re dead,'” said Fletcher.

Unbelievable Story Sibling Pranks

But Smith insisted on getting drunk and calling their voicemail just to hear their voice.

After some personal reflections, the hosts asked Callum how his sisters had claimed he died—whether it was a car accident or some other unfortunate event.

But no, they apparently told their parents that he had been stabbed.

“Wait wait. So you were murdered?” Smith chuckled happily.

“You didn’t kill yourself or die in an accident, someone murdered you?”

He then asked Callum if he was “the kind of guy who should have been stabbed?” to which he replied, “I wasn’t involved in any gangs, but I mean, at that point, it wasn’t surprising for me to be stabbed.”

The caller insisted that she doesn’t know why her sisters harbor such hatred towards her and also revealed that her parents no longer speak to them.

“We’ve been dealing with this for almost 20 years,” Smith said. “This is the most brutal phone call I’ve ever had.”

ZM Radio shared a clip of the episode on TikTok, which received over 1.5 million views and 167,000 likes in a week.

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However, the plot thickened when a commenter claiming to be Callum’s sister wrote, “I can confirm that I never told my parents he was dead.”

She explained that there had been a stabbing in Porirua at the time, and no one had heard from Callum for “a few months,” so she called him to ensure he was okay.

And when he found out it was her, he was “delighted.”

She then suggested that their family had numerous issues, and Callum had been trying to distance himself from them.

When asked to call the radio show and “clear things up,” he responded, “Is it really worth it? To do that, I would have to air everyone’s dirty laundry. It would quickly turn from comic to tragic.”

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