Trump Wants to Debate Meghan Markle Over “Disrespect” to Queen Elizabeth

Trump Wants to Debate Meghan Markle: Former President Donald Trump wants to confront Meghan Markle, believing she was “disrespectful” to the late Queen Elizabeth II, whom he called “incredible.”

Trump Wants to Debate Meghan Markle

In a radio interview, Trump said he didn’t like how Meghan “dealt with the Queen” and treated her with “great disrespect.” He added he “disagrees so much” with Harry and Meghan’s actions, likely referring to their Netflix series and Harry’s memoir.

Trump said he’d “love to debate” Meghan on her behavior if she wants to set it up. He previously also called Meghan “very disrespectful” to the Queen in a separate interview.

While Trump criticized the Sussexes, he had only praise for the Queen, calling her “incredible” and saying she “never made a mistake” or was “controversial” in decades of service.

Trump Wants to Debate Meghan Markle 2

The comments come as Trump continues his 2024 presidential bid despite facing criminal charges. But he seems focused on debating Meghan over perceived disrespect to the widely admired Queen Elizabeth.


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