Kanye West’s wife covers her body with toys in her latest see-through dress

Transparent dress of Kanye West’s wife: If 2023 has taught us anything about Bianca Sansori, it’s that she’s not afraid to flash some skin.

The 28-year-old architect, better known as the wife of Kanye “Yeh” West, donned possibly her most risqué outfit yet as she visited Art Basel in Miami with Kanye West on Sunday.

The censor, who regularly makes headlines for her choice of clothing, donned a bare, see-through bodysuit – which fully exposed her breasts – but covered at least one part of her body: … her head.
The Aussie accessorized her look with a fur hat and a large plush white polar bear, which looked like a large handbag.
The appearance of his attire was in stark contrast to his wife, who was clad in white from head to toe, completely covered except for her eyes.
And yet, this isn’t the first time Censorship has added a meat suit with a cuddly toy.

Transparent dress of Kanye West's wife
Image: kanyedefenseteam/Instagram

At the end of November, she was spotted at a pop-up event in Dubai wearing an oversized fur trapper hat and clutching a soft deer.

However, attendees at both events acted as if her outfits were casual, with video footage obtained by TMZ showing that people weren’t tired of the shows.
She was even happy to wear her latest outfit to a brunch with friends:
Ever since she married the rapper’s controversial designer, creating a stir has been a part of her life.

And after rumors that they were ‘separating and falling out’, their latest outing has been seen as a reaffirmation of their relationship.
Page Six and other outlets are reporting that the 28-year-old’s family and friends are unhappy with her relationship with Kanye, 46, which continues to spark accusations of anti-Semitism.

Kanye West's wife covers her body with toys in her latest see-through dress

He recently came under fire for a segment on his new song, “Vultures,” in which he boasts, “I only loved one Jewish girl.”

However, the Daily Mail reports that Censorship will defend him “until the end”.

“He knows things are taken out of context,” a source told the news agency, referring to the highly offensive lyrics.

He knows that Kanye is not anti-Semitic and he is not racist.

Well, he sure has a funny way of showing it.

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