Tragic death of British woman after Giving Birth, investigation underway


Tragic Death of British Woman after Giving Birth


Tragic Death of British Woman after Giving Birth: 31-year-old British woman, Bernadette Horsey, gave birth to her son Tim at the Royal Derby Hospital. She was thrilled to see her son for the first time and exclaimed, “I’m so happy now.”
However, within seconds, the situation drastically changed when Horsey suddenly suffered a cardiac arrest and passed away, shocking the medical staff.

Good health and successful C-section delivery. Horsey gave birth to Tim at the Royal Derby Hospital on January 19, 2022. However, she tragically passed away shortly after.
The case is currently under investigation. The medical staff reported that Horsey was in good health before the incident, and there were no risks during the cesarean section. Her sudden death came as a surprise to them.

Nurse Rebecca Robinson stated, “I remember during the delivery, hearing Horsey say ‘I’m so excited now,’ and at that time, we believed her condition was stable with no abnormalities.
After the baby was born, Horsey and her husband smiled happily. She joyfully said, ‘It’s a boy,’ and appeared fine. Then, suddenly, the situation took a completely different turn.”

Amniotic fluid embolism leading to cardiac arrest. Anesthesiologist Martyn Traves stated that shortly after the baby was born, he noticed Horsey’s face turning pale and her body going into a seizure-like state. She was later pronounced with cardiac arrest and passed away. He believed Horsey’s cause of death was due to an amniotic fluid embolism.

Robinson agreed with Traves’ assessment, attributing Horsey’s death to the embolism. She further explained that in rare cases, when amniotic fluid enters the mother’s bloodstream, it can cause an embolism that puts pressure on the heart, leading to cardiac arrest.

The coroner also believed that all medical staff had done their utmost to provide treatment and did not delay in doing so. The case is still under investigation.

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