A valuable collection of “breathtaking” tractor memorabilia is being sold at auction

tractor memorabilia is being sold at auction: A collection of Messi Ferguson tractor memorabilia described by auctioneers as “probably the largest in the world” is set to go under the auction hammer.

The collection belonged to the late tractor enthusiast Jim Russell, who amassed more than 800 items over 50 years and had a targeted program at his home to be able to run the tractor engine indoors.

Mr Russell, from Warwickshire, set up a special air purification system to enable the machine to operate.
His collection, to be sold at the Cambridge auction, includes models, toys, accessories, and a 1936 Ferguson Brown Type A model tractor.

collection of breathtaking tractor memorabilia is being sold at auction

The collection also includes the last signature written by Harry Ferguson, dated April 6, 1954, before his resignation as chairman emeritus of Massey-Harris-Ferguson Engineering on July 20, 1954.

There is also a Ferguson Sherman Plow catalog used by Harry Ferguson to determine the headings for his proposed tractor catalog, annotated throughout by him.

“This is certainly the largest private collection of Ferguson models, tin toys and memorabilia ever to be auctioned, and quite possibly the largest in the world,” Cheffins associate Tom Godesmark said.
“The sheer scale of it is absolutely breathtaking, as is the condition of these pieces that have been on display for over half a century.

tractor memorabilia is being sold at auction
Tim Scrivener/Cheffins/PA

Jim is probably one of the most dedicated enthusiasts we’ve come across to date, even making major changes to his home to match his collection, with a dedicated room full of display cabinets and even a specially built extension for the house with supplies. To start the Ferguson tractor indoors.
“This is a very special sale and we are delighted to be able to bring it to market.”

The auction will take place at Cheffin Machinery yard in Sutton, near Ely in Cambridgeshire, on November 25.

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