Tossing a wishing well coin caused a plane delay, China Southern Airlines flight from Guangzhou to Beijing was delayed by 3.5 hours.


Tossing a wishing well coin caused a plane delay


Tossing a wishing well coin caused a plane delay: Netizens revealed that China Southern Airlines flight CZ3121 from Guangzhou to Beijing was delayed for 3.5 hours after someone allegedly threw coins into the engine. According to official reports, the concerned passenger has been transferred by the airport police to cooperate with the investigation.

At noon last Sunday (October 29), a netizen posted on the social platform that he was on flight CZ3121 from Guangzhou to Beijing Daxing Airport that day. It was originally supposed to take off at 10 am, but when he boarded the plane, he encountered someone throwing coins, the engine had to be thoroughly inspected, which delayed the flight.

Netizens mentioned in the post: “At that time, the flight attendant repeatedly asked who threw the coin. Later, the police came and asked who threw the coin. No one acknowledged it and then escalated. continued.
The captain broadcast and asked the passengers to cooperate with the investigation, some passengers went out to give chase, the police reported the situation, and a person in the back was asked to leave.

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China Southern Airlines later issued a statement confirming that around 9:00 a.m. last Sunday, while boarding China Southern Airlines flight CZ3121, the cabin crew noticed a passenger throwing coins into the plane and immediately conducted an investigation. Security found two coins in the area. Near the belly of the plane

Airport police have transported the passengers involved to cooperate with the investigation. To ensure the safety of the flight, the company decided to delay the flight and conduct a comprehensive inspection of the aircraft. The flight was originally scheduled to depart at 10:00, but was finally scheduled at 1:29 p.m. and arrived at its destination at 4:00 p.m.

Legend of a coin toss to keep you safe
The people of the aviation industry say that this is not the first time that such a thing has happened, in the past passengers also poured coins into the engine of the plane to wish for good health, this behavior that threatens the safety of aviation should be severely punished.

Throwing a coin near the engine without causing serious injury is considered “disturbing the uniform order” according to the Penal Code of the Public Security Administration, and relevant public security penalties may be imposed.


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