For the first time in a rare incident a man ruptured his trachea after holding his sneeze

Torn trachea due to holding a sneeze: A man suffered a hole in his windpipe while trying to hold back a sneeze, in what experts believe is a world first for this type of injury.

The incident happened when the man was driving his car when he suddenly got hay fever. However, instead of letting go of his sneeze or putting his finger under his nose, he instead pinched his nose and covered his mouth.

The unusual method of stopping a sneeze had dire consequences for the man as the force of the restrained sneeze left a tiny 2x2mm hole in his trachea.
The nasty injury happened because the man blocked his airway, which created pressure that produced a sneeze 20 times stronger than what we normally experience.
When the man arrived at the hospital, both sides of his neck were swollen and in severe pain, but he was still able to breathe, swallow, and speak without any problems.

Torn trachea due to holding a sneeze 1
Image via BMJ Case Reports

After x-rays, it was determined that the man had a condition called surgical emphysema, in which air can become trapped beneath the deepest tissues of the body. Air was trapped in the vertebrae of the man’s neck, as well as the space between his chest and lungs.
Finally, it was determined by the doctors that this man did not need surgery and that the tear was caused by a “rapid increase in pressure in the trachea when sneezing with the nose stuck and the mouth closed.”

He was hospitalized for two days but was eventually discharged with painkillers and hay fever relief, and was also advised to avoid any vigorous physical activity for two weeks.

man ruptured his trachea after holding his sneeze
BMJ Reports

A study on the incident was published in the BMJ Journals, and its authors say: “Everyone is advised not to stifle their sneezes by pinching their nose while keeping their mouth closed, as this can lead to perforation of the trachea (windpipe). ) to be

Although the man suffered only minor injuries, preventing a sneeze in this way can have consequences. So the next time you need to sneeze, use a tissue and let it go.

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